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    2 clinics now 1 great name

    Come and join in our Open Days, to celebrate our new name and put your name in the hat for our great prizes.

    "After 23 years in business, this marks an important step in the evolution of the Physio Centres. I believe our new name will help us strengthen our service to each and every patient – great treatment from expert staff."
    Kirsten Lord, Founder and Chairlady

    So….why have we changed our name and what’s in it for you?

    It’s all about improved emphasis on quality of service for you:

    • Focus on training – by joining our clinics together we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share between therapists, ongoing training is important to us.
    • We now have one great web site where you can easily find the right specialist for your problem, it’s full of helpful tips and advice to keep you fit and healthy.
    • Not only that, we will be posting blogs and further information written by our experts on subjects we know you are interested in.
    • We listen to what you want and have introduced some new features into our service…come in a find out!
    • We’ve extended our opening hours so you get to visit when you want to.
    • And finally, we’ve taken on more support staff to ensure your appointment runs smoothly and you continue to have a great experience with us.



    Get in touch with us, we’d be happy to help.