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    Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

    Complex regional pain syndrome, also known as regional sympathetic dystrophy (rsd/rsi), causalgia and multiple other names is an often misdiagnosed problem that physiotherapy can help.

    85% of people suffering CRPS notice a reduction in pain with manual physiotherapy techniques.

    CRPS is classified as CRPS 1 or CRPS 2. CRPS 1 is from an unknown cause,  CRPS 2 is as a result of an injury for example post surgery or post traumatic injury.

    Indications of CRPS are swelling, temperature changes, pain that is worse than you would normally expect from the stimulus applied.

    Physiotherapy treatments commonly used are desensitisation, muscle strengthening exercises, education and self management techniques combined with pain relief.

    Our physio's that specialise in chronic pain can assess and treat you to help alleviate these symptoms. Here are some articles that will help you understand CRPS in more detail.

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