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    Our Team Values

    Our values and how they came about.

    As you are hopefully aware the Physio Centres have undergone a reinvention as part of our plan to make your physio experience the best it can be.

    The Physio Centres group is owned by a passionate leader with a staff that want to treat and educate you about your body to the very highest standard.

    Over the past few years our team have been working hard to develop structures within the business so that we can consistently provide the service that we think you deserve. This led us to develop and define our company values. We've NOT gone all corporate on you, we're still the same physio centres we just know what we stand for now.

    So this is how we did it…

    All staff were asked to attend an away day in Edinburgh with the knowledge that we were going to walk away with key values that we believed fitted the business. We did this with the guidance of Cameron Thompson

    We broke into groups to determine what values actually are, what they mean to us and why we should have them. Then it got down to the nitty gritty, what are they going to be? We had a list of SO MANY that we thought fit us as a company, fun, caring, dedicated, professional, innovative the list went on….

    After much debate we settled on the following four:

    To be caring, to excel, to be dynamic with a positive team approach.

    Because our CEO allowed us to be involved in the decision making of these values we feel very strongly that this is how we present ourselves to you.

    We care that you get better whether that means you achieve your fitness goal or get a pain free nights sleep! We want to get you so much better that we don't need to see you again for a year but know you will contact us if you want any advice. Equally we care about each other, and take pride in the great work that our staff are doing.

    Our staff excel and are leaders in their fields. We have a range of health professionals with a wealth of  experience and qualifications. Our administration staff will go above and beyond to make your visit run smoothly.  We also excel in eating cake!

    You don't get to 23 years of treatments without being dynamic. Physiotherapy, massage, health and fitness is an ever changing industry and our dynamic group of therapists are out there keeping up to date with the latest courses and research so you can rest assured your in safe hands.

    Our team of therapists and administration staff work together with a positive team approach,  taking pride in each others success as well as the success of the company.

    What a great experience be part of!  Not many employers would trust their staff to choose their company values. Thank you Kirsten Lord (Chairlady) for caring what your staff think about the business.

    We hope that next time you visit you see us living these values.


    The Physio Centres

    To be caring, to excel, to be dynamic, with a positive team approach.



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