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        Pilates for Men



        Are you a sporty man who has constant or repetitive niggles? You know, the types of reoccurring injuries that flare up if you over do the running, or the 5­a­side footie? Or are you the type of man who can’t do the activities you would like to due to on­going pain?

        Weekend Warriors...Have you ever thought of doing rehabilitation Pilates? Now, don’t be put off thinking this was only for the ladies! Check out the links below about the fit young rugby players that have taken up Pilates to rehab or avoid injuries. These guys are not in the minority in the rugby and football worlds. The All Blacks, England rugby teams along with premiership footballing clubs are all catching on to the benefits of PILATES!!!

        How can it help?

        Not only does Pilates help with whole body flexibility, strength and improve posture, it helps reduce the risk of further injury. Using stretches and stability exercises, Pilates re­trains poor movement patterns that can or have led to an injury.

        What type of injury can it help?

        • Pilates is not just about spinal pain, it can assist in Rehabilitation post­operatively for knee or hip replacement.
        • It can help identify reasons for repetitive muscle strains
        • It can be used for rehabilitation after a bad ankle twist
        • Help with an ongoing shoulder pain
        • And obviously help with general back pain

        It is a very versatile, useful exercise that can help you keep running, pedal faster, reduce the daily aches and pains, or generally make you feel more at ease in your body.

        Check out the links below to see how Pilates could benefit you.

        Pilates for rehabilitation (London Irish)

        London Welsh Rugby


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