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    The Insider’s Guide to the Physio Centres

    Welcome to the Physio Centres.

    We have clinics in both Edinburgh and Glasgow and are a team of health professionals that are dedicated to helping you to achieve better health.

    This blog post is dedicated to those of you that are uninitiated to Physiotherapy and remedial massage therapies.

    Your Treatment

    Your treatment is a journey that we help you through from your initial consultation to achieving your goal, be it to reduce pain or run your next marathon faster.

    Our team of experts can treat and guide you through the process.
    You can contact by phoning us, emailing us, using our website contact form or your insurance company may refer you to us.

    What Happens Next

    From here your inquiry will be replied to by our reception staff. If it is a question they don't understand they go the extra mile and ask one of our therapists the best course of action for you. So right from the beginning you are in safe hands.

    If you are still not sure what treatment is the best for you we offer a 15 minute assessment service where you can come in and talk to a physiotherapist who will guide you to the best treatment plan for your injury (condition). This is a free session if you book a 45 minute Physio appointment or 1 hour massage - payment required on day of session.

    The day before your session you will receive a text or email reminder and we usually recommend that you bring in flexible clothing so we can assess the affected area.

    What To Expect

    On the day of your treatment you will be asked for your contact details, complete some general health status questions and complete a wellbeing questionnaire. We usually joke that this is like filling out a novel but it is really important for us therapists to understand what is happening to your body and to help pick up any reasons why your body may not be healing itself in the way we would expect.

    A detailed history once you are in the treatment room lets you tell your pain (injury) story. It is important for your healing that you can tell us what is happening to your body. We will ask questions like, where is the pain, what does it feel like, what makes it go away/get better, what have you already tried? If we know these things we get a good picture of what may help and what types of things we need to check up on later.

    We will usually ask you at about this time what you expect from physiotherapy. It is your turn to tell us your big hairy audacious goal, it may be to perform an ultra-marathon, it may be to stand up from sitting without that groan that sometimes slips out as we get older. It may also be about managing a chronic condition or reducing the number of low back pain episodes or getting you back to work. It’s up to you.

    Our Therapists and Treatments

    Each one of our therapists have different interests and experiences and our website explains a little of our backgrounds. We treat and assess based on this combined knowledge and we share that knowledge to help you get better faster.

    Our treatment techniques vary from condition to condition, every injury is as individual as every person we see and we treat you exactly the same way.

    One session won't fix you although we expect you should feel better. We normally recommend that you have at least three sessions. This gives your body time to adapt to the changes that we make through your sessions and the exercises that you are asked to perform.
    Conversely, if we think there is something that needs further investigation we will refer to the people that can help you.

    We love hearing about our client’s achievements, what time they ran their marathon, walked the moonwalk or didn’t have back pain for a whole year. This is what make us get out of bed every morning and drives us to learn more ways to help you feel better.
    Remember that prevention is always the best cure and our therapists are more than happy to review an old issue or that wee niggle that you know will get worse if you leave it.

    So, we look at you as a whole person, we don't just treat 'the bit that hurts'. This means that we don't just treat the symptom, but the cause of that symptom.

    For more information contact the Physio Centres, Edinburgh 0131 556 1116 , Glasgow 0141 332 6000Or use our online contact form 

    Get in touch with us, we’d be happy to help.