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    Sitting all day long?

    Humans aren’t built to sit all day. An average office worker can spend up to 9 hours or 80% of their day sitting which includes their daily commute and then collapsing on the couch after a hard day’s work! Prolonged sitting has your back in a static flexed position. Consequently, we develop “stuck” segments which can cause pain and/or stiffness as they prevent the natural movement at the different levels of our spinal joints.

    Here is a simple exercise to undo this “stuck” flexed posture:

    All you need is a foam roller.  If you don’t have a foam roller, then a small towel wrapped around something firm like a rolling pin (get creative!)

    Foam Roller Exercise for Thoracic Extension

    Place the foam roller under your upper back, just below your shoulder blades. Place hands behind your head to support the neck. Keep your lower back straight and soften your ribcage down. As you exhale, gently arch the upper back over the roller. You may then move the roller higher to stretch a different level of your spine. Try and do this stretch at three different levels of your upper back.

    Doing this stretch daily can help reverse the effects of sitting all day! Ready, set, go!

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