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    Spring in your step

    Summer, a time for flip flops, strappy sandals, bare feet 👣 (and barbeques on the beach).

    Weather permitting its the time to get into your much neglected summer wear but unbeknown to you this can be the source of unpleasant foot pain.

    Summer footwear is usually has a lower heel to your normal footwear and less support.

    A common problem that can arise from this footwear change can be plantar fasciitis.

    Symptoms of this can be burning or pain around the heel or under the arch of the foot....

    Plantar fasciitis is often simple to treat if seen in the early stages. Your physio will asses you, treat your symptoms with manual therapy and usually give you exercises to work on at home. If you need arch support you may be referred to an orthotist for a biomechanical assessment or orthotics prescription.

    Some common treatments for this can be stretches for your calf muscle or rolling a spikey ball under your foot. Ice can help alleviate symptoms of pain and heat.


    All of our therapists treat foot problems, however, please see our team to see which therapists specialise in treating the foot area.

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