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    Pain which is out of proportion to physical findings.

    Common Signs & Symptoms

    • Increased sensitivity to pain
    • Pain which is felt from damage to tissues or nerves when you move or touch them in a non-damaging way
    • Pain felt as a result of infection or fear of further damage to the area
    • Pain may be in local or diffuse areas


    With local hyperalgesia, there are generally two types:

    • Localised sensitivity to pain from direct injury to your tissues
    • Pain that occurs in the tissues surrounding the injured area

    Long term opioid users (eg heroin) and those on opioid medications for the treatment of chronic pain, may also experience hyperalgesia ie pain which is out of proportion to physical findings.

    Advice & Treatment

    Treatment depends on the origin of your symptoms. If you experience nerve irritation or damage (eg Allodynia) your GP may prescribe you antidepressants (a standard medication which promotes your natural serotonin to help settle nerve pain). If your hyperalgesia is due to chronically high doses of opioids, reducing your dose may lessen your pain.

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