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    Local Joint Instability

    Pain comes from one/ two joints working too much (workaholics) whilst others go on holiday and become stiff and tight.

    Common Signs & Symptoms

    • Pain is usually worse at one point in your back when you arch backwards or twist
    • Can be made worse by standing for periods of time
    • You might see your skin crease at the level of your pain when you arch backwards
    • Your back feels generally stiff, above/below the painful area
    • The sore area moves too much


    Pain comes from one/ two joints working too much (workaholics) whilst others go on holiday and become stiff and tight.

    To move freely and easily, your joints must be able to slide and glide on one another. In a healthy back, all your joints glide easily on each other when you move forwards, backwards or twist but if one or two joints are too flexible they can become stressed. Because of the extra wear and tear, the muscles around the flexible joints become weak which reduces the control you have around the joint (instability).

    It can begin when your joints stiffen up and go on holiday (often if you sit too much), putting more strain through the joints which are more flexible whilst the other joints around them become lazy and stiff.

    The back muscles next to your stiff joints become tight and painful and grip onto your back joints making them tighter still. Both flexible and stiff joints can cause pain and other problems such as trapped nerves, muscle spasm, ligament damage and inflammation.

    Advice & Treatment

    Treatment involves improving your core muscle control to support the loose joints and increasing the flexibility of the stiff joints and the muscles which surround them. This protects both your loose joints and improves the health of stuck joints, by sharing out the workload and stresses.

    Use it or lose it…….It’s very important to get your stiff joints gliding when you move and this can be achieved with specific stretches to improve flexibility of the stiff areas, develop good posture and making sure that your tight joints glide when you stretch into positions.

    Exercises to improve your core area (tummy and torso) and release of the tight back muscles help to improve the way your back moves and takes away the strain from the looser areas.

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