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    Sports Physiotherapy

    Sport: Listen to your body, and understand how to stay fit

    The definition of sporting injuries is vast. From rugby to ballet, professional to amateur, athletes at any level require specialist treatment dependant on the types of stresses they need to cope with.

    Although many sports involve similar stresses, each places different demands on the body. Coupled with the sportspersons mentality, many exercise programmes must allow continued training throughout treatment. Some sports demand full shoulder rotation to play well without compensating and overusing other joints, whilst others require increased core stability of the pelvis. By knowing what each sport demands, the athlete and the physio work together to not only resolve the injury, but help you improve your performance and ease of play.

    Often the origin of the problem needs to be treated to prevent recurrence of the injury. For example, many hamstring strains occur as a direct result of lower back problems.

    Further, if the lower back is painful, we usually need to assess the middle back; tightness here often shunts the strain downwards causing lower back pain. And as the middle back allows rotation which is essential in producing power with sport, loosening the middle back often both reduces your lower back pain whilst improving your sporting performance as a side effect.

    By understanding the specifics of each sport, not only can treatment quicken your recovery from injury, your performance may dramatically improve.

    Essentials for safe sporting performance

    • Warm up appropriately, and give yourself time to cool down after sport
    • Maintin good posture - it is a reflection of your sporting potential and poor round shoulder posture is an indication of a lack of upper body control(especially affecting sports such as tennis and golf)
    • Maintain core stability - muscle tone in your pelvis gives you increased power, and significantly helps to reduce injuries

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