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    Pilates as Preventative Physiotherapy

    Pilates plays an important role in physiotherapy by preventing problems before they occur and helping patients recover from pain and injury. No matter whether you are keen to stop a potential problem in its tracks or you would like to use Pilates as part of your rehabilitation, our Pilates instructors are perfectly positioned to guide you safely and confidently to where you want to be.

    The Pilates Instructors at the Physio Centres base their classes on the exercises devised by Joseph Pilates. The Clinical Pilates classes combine these exercises with their knowledge of rehabiltion to bring together the Pilates and physiotherapy worlds, giving you the most effective approach to treatment which is suited to your individual problem. We teach exercises that are carried out in a safe and effective manner which match your level of competence and fitness. This style of teaching is complementary to the rehabilitative techniques of our physiotherapists making Pilates and physio the perfect partnership to achieving full recovery and great physical health.

    Our classes are based on the original insights of Joseph Pilates but benefit from the addition of a modern approach aimed at producing lasting improvements to your quality of life, daily activities and, or your athletic performance.

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