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    Why do pilates?

    Whether you are looking for a new activity to keep you in shape, are keen to try something new or want to get back in shape, Pilates is a great option. A fantastic, non strenuous or sweaty way to build strength and improve flexibility and posture, Pilates is recognised by more and more people as a way of staying in good shape or getting back on track after a break.

    An integral part of many peoples’ healthy lifestyles as well as a popular part of rehabilitation, Pilates helps improve movement patterns, dynamic balance and alignment as well as helping to restore and maintain your body’s natural state of fitness. What’s more, thanks to the progressive nature of Pilates, it is suitable for everyone, whether you’ve never exercised before, have chronic back pain or are an athlete training for a specific sporting goal.

    At the Physio Centres, we have Pilates options suitable for every level which are geared to addressing specific problem areas and rehabilitating you after injury. So no matter whether you’re completely new to Pilates and just want to give it a go; whether you’re a Pilates veteran or if you have a particular reason for wanting to explore Pilates as an answer, we have the perfect sessions for you.

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