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    Back pain; lack of flexibility in the back, shoulders, hamstrings and hips plague the lives of many people, day in and day out. What’s more, other lives are wrecked by stress and tension. If you’re someone who suffers physical or mental agony on a regular basis, you won’t need us to remind you how debilitating it can be. Yoga is a great way to address these issues, but is also the perfect way for anyone who is free of these stresses and strains to remain that way.

    Yoga needn’t be time consuming nor complicated, but the benefits can be surprisingly great. Regular Yoga practice strengthens your back and core, which helps to improve existing back strain or injury and equally importantly helps prevent future problems. Added to this the sense of wellbeing that comes from stretching, breathing and relaxing and you start to see why Yoga is such a popular and effective.

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