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    Yoga for your Back

    Back pain can ruin lives. People suffering from back pain may have done the rounds of painkillers and alternative therapies yet find themselves still seeking relief. It could be that you’re having difficulty driving due to pain, or are suffering severe discomfort while seated at work? Perhaps you’re struggling to carry out the sporting activities you enjoy or are simply having difficulty with normal day-to-day activities. Either way, if you’re stiff and in pain Yoga could provide the relief you’re looking for.
    Regular Yoga practice strengthens your back and core, which in turn helps to improve existing back strain or injury and is a great way to prevent further strains or injuries. What’s more, Yoga stretches give you a wonderful sense of wellbeing.

    Yoga is a safe and gentle way to improve flexibility and return to exercise after a back injury, especially if you are finding yourself fearful of movement as a result of your injury. Regular Yoga sessions will:

    • Help you to be more aware of your body and better at ‘listening’ to what it is telling you
    • Keep your body in optimal alignment to reduce excessive stresses and strains or overuse of different body parts

    If you’d like to find out more about our Yoga sessions for your back at the Physio Centres how they work, and how much it costs, or to book a session email us or if you have any questions please use the form below. 

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