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        Yoga in Pregnancy

        No matter whether you’re a Yoga expert or beginner, when you’re pregnant, it’s essential to work with a Yoga instructor who understands your needs. Yoga practice during pregnancy is a great way to safely keep your body feeling flexible and helps to maintain and strengthen your lower back. It leaves you feeling calm and stress free, helping make your whole pregnancy more enjoyable and ultimately making labour easier with quicker recovery.

        Yoga can be practiced during pregnancy and Belinda, our instructor at the Physio Centres Edinburgh is a great fan of Yoga in pregnancy, as long as it is done sensibly and carefully. Belinda will work with you to develop a programme that is appropriate to your particular needs, supporting you through your pregnancy and beyond.

        If you are taking up Yoga during pregnancy, we recommend that you get approval from your GP and always keep your Yoga Instructor well informed of any changes that occur throughout your pregnancy.

        If you’d like to find out more about our Yoga Classes at the Physio Centres how they work, what will happen during your first class and how much it costs, or to book a class, email us or if you have any questions please use the form below. 


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