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    What does health and fitness mean to you?

    Health and fitness means different things to different people. At The Physiotherapy Centres, we believe that health and fitness means feeling great; from the inside out. But with busy lives and what sometimes seems like never-ending ‘To Do’ lists there are periods in our lives where we don’t pay the attention we need to our health and fitness. Alternatively, you may have been following a programme to improve your health and fitness and are now on the lookout for an extra boost from a professional team? Either way, you’re in the right place.

    At The Physiotherapy Centres, our Health and Fitness service is perfect for you if you feel as if you could do with a helping hand. Including everything from alternative therapies to physio and massage, the in-house team can provide nutritional support, orthotics and biomechanical assessments. The multi-disciplinary team we have on hand will take a combined treatment approach to make sure you get the best out of your body.

    Our Health and Fitness services are tailored specifically to the unique needs of your body to help you heal, feel more energetic and to remove the stresses and strains that could be causing you pain or injury.

    Great reasons to choose our Health and Fitness service:

    1. You will get fast access to a whole range of in-house, experienced specialists, all working together to treat you in the best way possible.
    2. Your therapist will carry out a full and thorough assessment of your unique health and fitness issues to identify the right integrated solution for you – whether it’s physio treatment alone, or a combination of physio and other solutions such as massage, nutrition or biomechanics.
    3. We have a company wide training strategy to keep our specialist therapists up to date with the latest research and developments in the field and are committed to getting you feeling better faster.

    Typical Health and Fitness issues we treat

    Here’s an idea of some of the Health and Fitness issues we’re most commonly asked to treat:

    • Advice on weight goals – loss or gain.
    • Help with dietary needs for specific conditions.
    • Solving lower limb problems when walking, running or doing sport that haven’t responded to other therapies.

    The key to finding the right solution

    If you’re looking for an effective way of achieving your Health and Fitness goals, then our Health and Fitness service is likely to be the perfect solution. The ideal way to achieve better sports performance; reduce tiredness, chronic stomach problems or to relieve migraine, when you choose The Physiotherapy Centres you get timely treatment, all in the same place and top quality physicians every time.

    How it works:

    • You can self-refer to our Health and Fitness service, so there’s no need to go through a screening process. However, if your GP or other health professional has suggested that you seek nutrition or podiatry advice, we can treat you in a timely manner to avoid long waiting lists that could cause further damage.
    • One of our therapists will assess your unique situation and guide you though the services that would best address your condition.
    • You will be offered a range of tailored treatments for your condition.

    Work with a Health and Fitness specialist

    You can read all about the personal journeys our therapists took to becoming specialists in Health and Fitness below. In a nutshell, our dedicated therapists are trained and specialised in providing treatment tailored to care specifically to your needs, no matter whether they are sport-related, activity-related or are just part of the normal wear and tear caused by day-to-day life.

    The way we treat you

    We’ll accurately assess your condition before embarking on any treatment. We will work with you to identify the possible causes of your problem and will create a programme of treatment that will help you achieve all your Health and Fitness goals as quickly as possible.

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