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    Biomechanical Assessment

    The Physio Centres offers a state of the art, highly professional yet extremely welcoming Biomechanical Assessment service for people who need investigation into foot, knee, hip and back positioning and, or function when standing, walking or running. This service is also where you should head if you need foot orthotics, foot mobilisation treatment or the provision of knee or ankle braces.

    Working with our Biomechanical Assessment clinician will help you avoid issues with joint or muscle position or function as well as helping address issues when playing sport; suffering from arthritis or general muscle or joint aches and pains. She also specialises in working with children to assess the effective development of foot posture, thus helping to avoid problems in later life.

    Biomechanical Assessment involves the close examination of the functioning and positioning of the joints and muscles of your feet and ankles as well as the assessment of your standing posture. Standing posture assessments address issues with the hips, back, shoulders and knees as well as feet and ankles. Walking and running gaits are also part of this overall assessment procedure.

    A Biomechanical Assessment is a great way of helping you understand better the impact of movement on your joints and muscles as well as treating existing problems or issues. As a result of our Biomechanical Assessment you may be prescribed foot orthotics, foot mobilisation treatment or foot and, or ankle strengthening exercises in order to restore foot, knee, hip or shoulder posture and function.

    What can I expect when I come to the clinic?

    When you come to the clinic our Biomechanical Assessment clinician will spend time with you to understand your unique and personal issue or issues. Thereafter she will establish whether specific tests are required and if so will arrange for those to take place. Once she has all the necessary information she will recommend treatments and, or solutions that will relieve your pains or problems. As a result of your Biomechanical Assessment you’ll receive accurate advice and a prescription, as well as treatment from our other therapists if required.

    In order to carry out a Biomechanical Assessment, our fully qualified and experienced orthotics and biomechanics clinician has a range of state of the art technology at her fingertips, including Scotland’s only Full Natural Motion Treadmill and sophisticated video analysis software. She is caring and sympathetic, uses forward thinking technology and has direct access to our team of physiotherapy and massage experts on hand should you need them.

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