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    Nutrition Clinic

    The Physiotherapy Centre offers a caring and thorough Nutrition service that’s designed to cater for your unique needs. This service will help you optimise your diet for improved general health and wellbeing as well as to assist with weight management and enhanced sports and fitness performance.

    It may be that you’re suffering gut issues, skin problems, achy muscles, autoimmune conditions, allergies, low energy, depression or anxiety; either way our nutritionist will help. Following a thorough analysis, she will consult and test where required before identifying opportunities for changes in your diet and any need for supplements. Thereafter she’ll be by your side to motivate you and support you in making the changes needed to achieve your goals.

    Helping you discover more about how your body works and how you can take better care of it by choosing the right fuel, our nutritionist will help relieve you of troublesome symptoms as well as making you feel a whole lot better overall. She will share great tips and hints with you about how to enjoy a healthy diet and how to embrace a better lifestyle. By working with her, you’ll have the chance to talk openly and confidently about health and dietary issues that you mightn’t feel comfortable discussing with friends or family.

    What can I expect when I come to the clinic?

    To help improve your nutrition, we need to fully examine and understand your issues. In order to do this, your first session will be focused on information gathering. Thereafter, we’ll look at the ‘big picture’ together and work through your diet. Our nutritionist will then explain what she thinks is happening and propose an initial nutritional plan of action. If further testing needs to be done, this can either be organised by your GP or done privately.

    The number of sessions you need will depend on your unique situation. Either way, we will use follow up sessions to monitor results and to make any necessary changes until you achieve the results you want. In other words, we’ll work with you to help you take control of your health so that being healthy becomes your default setting.

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