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    Reflexology & Massage Therapy

    Simply put, massage is…ppffew! You know that feeling?

    Our Massage Therapists are some of the best out there, they all have years of experience under their belts whether it’s deep tissue, sports, hot stones, Swedish relaxation or myofascial release you are looking for. They are special because they work with injuries, not only do they know how to get to the nub of your problem now, they will keep your body healthy with maintenance treatments.

    Better still, when we maintain you regularly (exactly as you do with you dental check-ups) by having regular massage, you are far less likely to experience your ‘ouch’ and problems are usually picked up before they can take a hold.

    What can I expect when I come to the clinic?

    When you first come to massage, the therapist also includes a short assessment. If you are referred for massage by one of our Physios, we will already have your assessment information and, of course, the Physio will chat through your condition with the massage therapist prior to your session. This saves you time and having to re-explain your needs to another therapist.

    Most of our Massage sessions last for one hour. A Hot Stones Massage can take a little longer, depending on what you're looking for. Just click on the Massage of your choice for more information.

    If you already know which type of Massage you want, get in touch with the Physio Centres to make a booking… and let us help you to release your stress.

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