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    Reflexology is a fascinating, holistic therapy based on theory that whole body, with their organs are mirrored on individual's feet and hands in the form of corresponding reflex points. 

    Reflexology is non-invasive and is so highly beneficial to all ages (from babies where better sleep can be promoted or recurrent colds cleared; women with period or fertility problems or some unpleasant pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness; to older people with chronic degenerative conditions, where it might be painful to touch the actual side or limb). Stimulating these reflexes by specific pressure therapy congestion in particular areas can be cleared and thus natural balance of the body and mind restored.  

    Treatment aims to relief stress and ease congestion and blockages on meridians - energy lines running along the body; such blockages may cause some physical, emotional and mental imbalances. Reflexology is well-known to improve mood and sleep, release tension and stress and increase relaxation and overall wellbeing.

    Treatment Process

    During the treatment I like to have a quick consultation to get to know you and find out if there is a specific condition you suffer from, while you rest your feet in spa to warm up and soften your skin.  Then I massage your feet and use some gentle techniques to touch every individual reflex point, and then deeper and more intense pressure therapy is applied. The whole treatment is enjoyable, relaxing and comforting!

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