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    Remedial Massage Therapy

    The ideal way to relieve aches, pains and strains

    A massage therapy that is used to target a specific, tense or injured part of the body, Remedial Massage relieves adhesions (knots) that form as a result of tension or injury and can also involve mobilisations and stretching. Remedial Massage is the ideal therapy if you’re looking to restore your body to optimal function, but shouldn’t be confused with a relaxing massage!

    Great reasons to choose our Remedial Massage

    1. Our therapists are fully qualified, trained and experienced in Remedial Massage Therapy and provide a personal and caring approach.
    2. We have therapists who specialise in Remedial Massage Therapy day in day out and work closely in conjunction with our physiotherapists to provide a holistic approach to achieve the best possible outcome for you.
    3. We use our extensive knowledge of anatomy to treat you in the most effective way.

    Typical conditions we treat

    Remedial Massage is typically used to treat Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) as well as neck and back pain, general aches and sprains and strains. A massage technique that is used to improve function it works by releasing specific muscles in your body to facilitate healing.

    The key to finding the right solution

    If you’re on the lookout for a massage professional who will discuss your personal situation and decide upon the best approach for your unique problem before agreeing the best possible way forward, at the Physio Centres, we’re here to help.

    We’ll work with you to get you pain-free by treating you in the best possible way. We will listen to you to understand your needs and will take advantage of the professional team around us to find you the quickest and most effective way to achieve your goals, no matter what they are.

    Work with a Remedial Massage specialist

    You can read all about the personal journeys our therapists took to becoming specialists in Remedial Massage below. In a nutshell, our dedicated therapists are trained and specialised in the provision of Remedial Massage. They have extensive experience in treating people suffering from aches and pains as well as injuries and muscle tightness.

    In short, they really “get” people who need some hands on support to get them back to where they want to be. They work closely with our physiotherapists and together take a truly global view of everyone they treat, giving them the greatest possible chance of achieving their outcome.

    The way we treat you

    During a Remedial Massage, our therapists will combine different massage techniques to improve circulation and enable tissue healing so you will benefit from a quicker recovery. The therapist who treats you will select the most appropriate strokes to target any adhesions (knots), which are preventing optimal circulation in your body using techniques such as Trigger Pointing and Frictions as well as Swedish and Deep Tissue massage.

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