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    Andy McKay

    BHSc (Physiotherapy), HCPC, MCSP


    Hey, this is Andy McKay.  Andy’s a physiotherapist and specialises in musculoskeletal-based physio, has a real passion for biomechanics as well as improving functional movement and working with sports related injuries.  Andy has 13 years experience as a physio and has a keen eye for seeing the reasons for pain and injury.  He has impressively managed to combine his physiotherapy work with a successful professional cricket career spanning 13 years and playing for the NZ Black Caps from 2010 – 2012.  Well done Andy!


    Career to date

    Andy graduated from Auckland University of Technology, NZ in 2002 and pursued a career in private practice clinics initially in Auckland before moving to Wellington in 2009.  His last role was Practice Manager and Lead Physiotherapist in a busy private practice in Wellington city. Andy’s career to date has exposed him to a wide variety of clients including professional sports teams and vocational rehab, specializing in return to work after injuries.  In his own words, Andy says “I often notice things we do throughout the day that make us sore and lead to injury. Things like poor movement habits, poor posture and poor breathing are some of the things I pick up on most”. Andy’s passions lie in assessing the root of the pain or problem and putting people on the right pathway to becoming pain free.


    Why are you a Physiotherapist?

    In response to this question, Andy has no hesitation in responding: “I have always been interested in biomechanics and how the body moves as well as enhancing functional movement and performance while pursuing my cricket career and as a physiotherapist.  I played a variety of sports at school and being so competitive, always trained hard and always searched for improvement. I think this is when I thought a physio career was for me. I love making a positive change in my clients’ lives and seeing them achieve their goals”.


    Life outside the clinic?

    Andy has a young family and loves spending as much time as possible with them.  He and his whole family love the outdoors, so exploring new walking trails, beaches and parks are regular activities.  Andy still finds time for cricket though, is continuing to play and is the overseas professional for Watsonians Cricket Club right now.  The only problem is that all this activity isn’t leaving as much time as he’d like for golf.  When it comes to relaxing, Andy plumps for a bit of music, drinking good coffee and sharing a beer with friends.


    Achievements/Claim to Fame?

    When asked this question, Andy modestly replies “Playing for the NZ Black Caps cricket team was a fantastic time with a highlight of playing in a World Cup semi final”.  It’s nice to have a star in our midst; particularly such a humble one!

    Favourite thing?

    "Getting out to the park or beach with our dog Archie who we bought over from NZ…he’s acclimatizing well.  Oh, and I also love my food". 

    Additional Training

    Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) certified, PGcert Advanced Western acupuncture and dry needling.

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