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    Belinda Leigh Stephen

    Hatha Yoga Teaching Certificate
    Young Yoga Institute SA.


    This is Belinda Leigh Stephen. Belinda is a qualified Hatha Yoga Instructor with 16 years teaching experience in South Africa and Edinburgh. Because of a personal misadventure, Belinda has a special interest in back pain and puts all her energy into running classes aimed at correcting alignment, particularly in the pelvis and spine as well as stretching and strengthening all muscle groups.

    Career to date

    Belinda studied Hatha Yoga for three years and practiced for five years before starting her own classes in 1997 in South Africa. When she moved to Edinburgh in 2001 a chance meeting, followed by an opportunity to shyly demonstrate her professional prowess led to her working at David Lloyd Health Club as an instructor, a role that she continues on a freelance basis today. Belinda also teaches at Bannatynes Gym and at the Chalmers Clinic in Lauriston place as well as taking a lunchtime class at the Western General Hospital, which she tells us is great fun. We’re delighted that Belinda has space in her busy schedule for us .

    Why yoga?

    When asked “Why yoga?” Belinda’s personal journey became apparent in her eyes. In a nutshell, Belinda suffered from back problems as a teenager after falling off a horse and had to wear a back brace for five years. She discovered the benefits of yoga in her early 20s and hasn’t had any back problems since. This personal journey made her determined to help others to recover from pain in the same way that she did. Passionate about her profession, Belinda lists the benefits of yoga as being instilling a sense of peace, calmness and well-being; but continues with the less well known benefits, like: improving sport performance; reducing stress; increasing cognitive function, concentration and memory retention, as well as chronic pain reduction; increased strength; lowered blood pressure…the list goes on and even includes improved sexual function as well as relief from anxiety and depression.

    Life outside the clinic?

    You’d be forgiven for thinking that Belinda can’t possibly have any time outside of yoga, but she also works as an Admin Manager in the Bone Research Group at the University of Edinburgh. And she’s the Managing Editor of a scientific journal called Calcified Tissue International. And when she’s not working she loves to go hillwalking, exploring the outdoors, socialising and listening to live music. Belinda, you put us ALL to shame!

    Favourite thing?

    Simple, her daughter Terri and son Daniel.

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