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    Caroline Madden

    Certificate in Advance Clinical Massage, Diploma in Bowen Technique BTAA, Certificate in Advanced (SPB1) Bowen Technique. 

    Caroline Madden

    Caroline is an Advanced Clinical Massage therapist as well as a Bowen Technique practitioner.  She has experience treating a wide variety of people with acute and chronic conditions using a range of techniques to tailor the treatment to the individual. 


    Career to date 

    After moving on from a career in the Print Industry, Caroline qualified in The Bowen Technique in 2005 and has since built her knowledge through more specialized postgraduate workshops.  Hooked by the pain relief results she could get with therapies, she added Massage, including deep tissue, hot stone therapy and pregnancy massage to her skills.  More recently she qualified in Advanced Clinical Massage through the Jing Institute which incorporates a range of techniques such as trigger point work, myofascial release and stretching.


    Why are you a Massage/Bowen Therapist?

     Caroline’s passion for therapies started when she experience relief from sciatic pain through massage.   To go from thinking ‘this is it, this is not going to improve’ to having the condition completely resolve through bodywork therapy was the start of a new interest.  She believes that everyone should use therapies to maintain their health and is on learning more about how the body functions and how it can return to balance with the right support.   


    Life Outside Physiotherapist/Therapist

    When not working, there’s lots of juggling family life, walking the dog Harris and keeping fit with Pilates.  Also has a kind of addiction to Scandic subtitled TV programs.


    My Favorite thing

    Is a relaxing Sunday meal with the family usually closely observed by my 2nd favourite thing……Harris the family dog!

    Additional Training

    Diploma in Swedish Massage, Certificate in Advanced Hands Free Massage, Certificate in Pregnancy Massage

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