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    Georgia Richards

    Bachelor of Human Movements, Exercise Physiology (BHMS), Aust, Masters of Physiotherapy Studies (MPSt), Aust, HCPC, MCSP.

    Georgia Richards

    Meet Georgia Richards.  Georgia has been a Physiotherapist for four years and has always worked within Private Musculoskeletal clinics. Her initial experience was in Australia where she treated both amateur and semi-professional athletes from a variety of sporting backgrounds. Due to her first degree as an exercise physiologist, Georgia enjoys working with people who are driven to help themselves return to their desired level of fitness.  Whether you have had an acute sports injury or a more complex longer-term problem, Georgia’s holistic approach will get to the root of it and have you dancing out the door (only if that’s what you want of course!) 

    Career to date 

    After working as a sports trainer for the Brisbane Lions during her first degree, Georgia wanted to know more about being able to treat people from the beginning of injury right through to their return to full fitness or sporting activity.  Hungry for knowledge, after her first degree she undertook a Masters in Physiotherapy Studies and graduated from the University of Queensland in 2011 with Dean’s Commendation. 

    Her first role as a Physiotherapist was in a largely exercise-based clinic, which allowed her to develop her specialist skills in orthopaedic post-operative care for foot, shoulder and knee problems.  Georgia then moved to a clinic that encouraged her to develop a more hands-on approach to dysfunction in the body.  The combined experience of these two areas has created a unique skill set that Georgia applies to all her clients. 

    Throughout her career Georgia has been physio to a number of rugby and football teams, triathlon groups and Tennis Australia. 

    Why are you a Physiotherapist? 

    Growing up, Georgia was heavily involved in gymnastics, a sport that revolves around the body and how it moves.  Thanks to this passion, she learned what being a physiotherapist was all about because she needed to visit one every now and then.  Right now, Georgia truly appreciates how much she can change people’s pain and dysfunction by sharing her knowledge and allowing people to see what they can do to change their situation.  As Georgia rightly points out, everyone is different and every case a challenge, which means you are always learning – a situation that she loves.  To this, she adds “…and work is easy when you’re surrounded by fun and like-minded people.” 

    Life outside the clinic? 

    To this question, Georgia confesses that she’s “the type of person who likes to dabble in a bit of everything. From rock climbing to yoga or cycling, she likes to test what her body can do. She also loves to experience what the world has to offer via travel.”

    Achievements/Claim to Fame? 

    By the end of this year Georgia will have clocked up 30 countries (well) before the age of 30 - with two and a half years to spare!  That alone is quite some feat, but when you add into the equation that they have included heights of 5895m on Kilimanjaro and depths of 25m diving on the Galapagos – you start to get a very clear idea of what makes Georgia tick!


    Favourite thing?

    Being away from home Georgia's answer to this is simple:  a good Aussie breakfast with her Mum.

    Additional Training

    Precise Points MSA and Dry Needling
    Institute of Spinal Manipulative Therapy
    Graduate of Connect Therapy Series (taken by physio guru Dr. Linda-Joy (LJ) Lee

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