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        Gill Du Toit

        BSc (Physiotherapy) South Africa at the University of the Witwatersrand HCPC, MCSP

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        Gill Du Toit

        Hey, meet Gill. Gill is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist with 9 years’ experience. She prides herself on her commitment to looking at each person individually and takes a holistic approach, recognising that other parts of the body and even life itself can have an impact on pain and function. Gill’s aim is to take a treatment approach that works best for each individual. For her, it’s not about what type of treatment she can do best, but what treatment works best for each person and helps them achieve their goals. To this end, Gill has invested in a broad and varied skill set that she can draw upon according to the needs of the person in front of her.

        Gill has had practical physio experience in ethnically and socially diverse places, such as rural Zambia and corporate London and feels that this gives her a wider insight and acceptance when working with people.  She also feels that it helps her to not only be effective as a therapist in any setting, but also personable and able to relate to others from a whole variety of backgrounds.

        Career to date

        Gill qualified in 2007 at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa with an honours degree in physiotherapy. Following this, she did rotations at Johannesburg Academic Hospital (now Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital) for a year. Treating everything from arthritic knees to high velocity car accidents, Gill gained experience in complex trauma. Thereafter she locumed for two years, predominantly in musculoskeletal therapy, but also spent time at a missionary hospital in rural Zambia. There she had to prioritise teaching others as much as she could and also empowering them to develop services that could be sustained after her time there.

        In early 2011, Gill moved to London and joined Nuffield Health as a musculoskeletal physio. She worked across their corporate centres and gyms, before settling as an onsite physiotherapist for an investment bank for 3 years. In this role, Gill gained a lot of experience in spinal pain caused by sedentary jobs as well as stress related pain and sports injuries. In late 2014, Gill trained to assess and manage women with urinary dysfunction and organ prolapse.

        And then came the Scottish part of her experience.  Gill and her Scottish partner moved to Glasgow early in 2016 for a quieter (and in her words “less expensive”) life. In Gill’s own words, this “has been an exciting period” and she admits that her understanding of the Scottish accent is improving all the time! Gill is now looking forward to the challenge of being Practice Manager at The Physio Centre in Glasgow and is sure that next year is going to be a great year!

        Why are you a Physiotherapist/Therapist?

        When faced with this question, Gill replies “I initially studied physiotherapy because it was an active job and had a role in sports. I now have a much deeper appreciation for the human body and how I can help. I recognise that pain and dysfunction can severely hamper quality of life and also mood. I love giving people the opportunity to improve their function so they can live the best life they can and achieve the goals they want to”.  Those are all great reasons Gill.

        Life Outside Physiotherapy

        Gill says that her life outside of physio revolves around “being outdoors, spending time with friends and novelty experiences”.  Gill enjoys keeping active and has quite a variety of hobbies that she does outside of work.  She explains “I really enjoy team sports and since being in London I have been involved with tag rugby and now touch rugby. I love any experience that’s a bit different from the norm so if you ask me to do an escape room, a run dressed up as Santa, or even have dinner in the dark, I’ll be there!”.  FANTASTIC!

        Achievements/Claim to fame

        Gill’s response to this comes without hesitation…”As a teenager I had provincial colours in artistic gymnastics in South Africa”.  Well done Gill!

        My Favorite thing Gill’s favourite thing is being near water. As she says “any chance I get I’ll try and leave the city and get to a lake or sea. If not, you’ll find me walking along the River Kelvin".

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