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        Josh Wheatley

        Swedish Massage (soft tissue)
        Sport Massage (Post & Pre)
        Remedial Massage (deep tissue)

        TMJ & Jaw Pain
        Myofacial Stripping
        Neuromuscular Techniques

        Sports & Kinesiology Taping

        Joshua Wheatley

        Meet Joshua Wheatley! He came about practicing massage due to an injury he suffered fracturing his Iliac Crest. He was treated through physiotherapy and also received remedial massage to re-align the body.  So impressed with his recovery, he then started looking into courses to study Massage and Physiotherapy!  His love of helping others grew quickly - and he wanted to practice the same techniques and influence a healing response to injured individuals and take them through a healing program.  He loves seeing them recover from start to finish! 

        Career to date

        Josh graduated from his massage qualifications through Western Schools (Professional Therapy Education) gaining his qualification in Swedish and Sport & Remedial Massage and he is currently finishing his qualification in Clinical Reflexology. He decided to pursue a career in the care industry working with people with mixed abilities. Josh has practiced his techniques on teams such as the Canadian rugby team and Clyde football club where he worked alongside the physiotherapists to treat the team with specific injuries.

        Why are you a Physiotherapist/Therapist?

        I feel that every individual can achieve full recovery and through the aid of massage therapies I can see the full potential my clients have of achieving their end goal.
        Using different techniques in massage it can improve range of movement, increased circulation therefore improving movement within the body, recovery from repetitive strain injuries such as muscle strain or pain. I have always had a medical background with my mum being a paramedic and from my younger years I participated in the Army Cadet Force where I helped alongside the medical unit, I gained confidence and enthusiasm to help people with learning basic first aid developing my skills with hands on experience.

        Life Outside Physiotherapist/Therapist

        When I’m outside of the Clinic I like to spend time with friends and family, I like to spend my time doing outdoor sports like kayaking, rock climbing, skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing. I’m pretty much up for anything if it involves adventure, socializing and extreme sports.

        Any Additional Training

        Clinical Reflexology

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