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        Kaylan O'Meara

        Honours Bachelor of Science in Physiology and Psychology, Master of Science in Physiotherapy, HCPC, MCSP

        Kaylan O'Meara

        This is Kaylan O’Meara.  Kaylan is a physiotherapist and specialises in musculoskeletal rehabilitation.  She has 4 years experience in the private sector.  Kaylan has worked with everyone from children to the elderly and from the severely deconditioned or neurologically impaired to élite athletes. Passionate about the positive impact physiotherapy can have on such a diverse population and feeling that tailoring treatment to each individual based on their personal fitness, individual deficits and ultimate goals is what Kaylan sees as essential for recovery.

        Kaylan takes a holistic approach to physio and considers the entire body’s contributions to an injury when creating a treatment plan. Firmly in the belief that the human body was built to move and many common injuries are a result of increasingly sedentary lifestyles, her goal is to get you back up and moving, whether it be walking the streets, hill-walking, or marathon running.  


        Career to date

        Kaylan graduated from McMaster University in 2011 with a Master of Science in Physiotherapy and then went on to work for Park Road Physiotherapy in Ontario, Canada. In her first physiotherapy position she worked with musculoskeletal and neurological conditions and gained experience in performing neuro-developmental treatments, home visits, and aquatic therapy sessions. She also worked at Centric Health Homecare which is a publicly funded organization that provides continuation of care in the home following hospital discharge.  

        Kaylan has also worked with post-operative, neurologic, cardiac, and falls risk populations. On relocating to Alberta, Canada (aka the wild west) in 2013 she took up a position at Alta Sask Wellness Inc. and narrowed her focus to musculoskeletal populations. This is when she developed her passion for treating musculoskeletal injuries and working with athletic populations to optimise their performance.  

        Not someone for sitting still, Kaylan, in her own words “became stir crazy yet again, ready for a new adventure and decided to make the move across the pond to the beautiful city of Edinburgh and that brought her to The Physio Centres Edinburgh”.  And we’re so glad it did Kaylan!


        Why are you a Physiotherapist?

        When asked this question, there is no holding back.  Kaylan replies immediately “I am an active and social person and have always been interested in the anatomy and physiology of the human body. A career as a physiotherapist best combines my interests in the inner workings of the human body with my drive to help people and belief in the importance of an active lifestyle”.  We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.


        Life outside the clinic?

        To this question, Kaylan reflects for a moment and then responds, “In terms of my interests, I dabble in a little bit of everything. I love staying active with running, cycling, football, ultimate Frisbee, snow boarding, and hill-walking (or hiking as we Canadians would say). I also enjoy being creative and although I will not be starring in any art exhibitions in the near future I paint, draw, and create mixed media art that my partner proudly hangs on the wall. I live to travel and one of the reasons for our move to Edinburgh is to be able to travel Europe over the next few years. I am also learning Spanish, so hopefully this will come in handy on our travels in the future”.  Busy lady!


        Achievements/Claim to Fame?

        When we put this question to Kaylan, she chose Achievement over Claim to fame and explains; “I did my final physiotherapy placement in Arusha, Tanzania and found this a fulfilling experience in many ways. While there I learned about the challenges involved in delivering rehabilitation in a setting with limited resources and was able to provide some much needed supplies through fundraising efforts. I also hiked Mount Kilimanjaro and survived to tell the tale. This was an incredible but grueling experience with a worthwhile pay off: looking down on the clouds while watching the sun rise from the summit. Academically I received the 2012 Faculty of Health Science Research Plenary Outstanding Achievement Award and graduated with high distinction from both of my degrees. Oh, and I have run a half marathon, but found that one was enough and am looking forward to running some 10k races in Scotland this year”.  Quite a list, we’re sure you’ll agree – well done Kaylan!

        Favourite Thing?

        "My favourite thing is to try something new. I enjoy challenging myself both physically and mentally and feel you only grow when you are putting yourself out of your comfort zone"

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