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    Lesley Kempsell


    Diploma in Physiotherapy
    (Grampian School of Physiotherapy)



    Hey, meet Lesley.  Lesley’s a physiotherapist with 33 years of experience, the majority of which is in musculoskeletal out patients and sports injury treatment. Over the years she has been physio for the British Junior swimming team, has worked with junior rugby players both on and off the field, and has treated a range of professional tennis players and squash players. 

    Career to date

    Lesley graduated from Grampian School of Physiotherapy in 1984. Her first role saw her working for a year in a junior rotational post in Aberdeen before she moved back to Edinburgh. After that, she enjoyed a short spell working with disabled children at Westerlea school, a post that was followed by 3 years at Princess Margaret Rose Orthopaedic Hospital, where she treated inpatient orthopaedic surgery patients and orthopaedic trauma cases.

    From there Lesley moved to the private sector, firstly at the Murrayfield Hospital then the Marchmont Physio Clinic. Her last job prior to coming to The Physio Centres was at Bruntsfield Physiotherapy (formerly Care For Sport) where she worked for 20 years and we’re proud to now have her as part of the team at The Physio Centres.

    Why are you a Physiotherapist/Therapist?

    In response to this question, Lesley explains that she was a competitive swimmer as she was growing up and had physiotherapy treatment on several occasions. This got her interested in becoming a physiotherapist though she initially applied to do pharmacy at university. While Lesley’s explaining this, she has a little chuckle and confesses to finding that she didn’t enjoy A Level chemistry and realised she should go back to her original interest of physio. 

    Life Outside Physiotherapist/Therapist

    Outside of her job, Lesley’s still very involved in sport. She plays competitive squash and tennis, runs and occasionally still swims. She took up piano 5 years ago and is working her way through grade exams.

    Lesley has 3 adult children, one grandson and a granddaughter on the way. She also has a mature gentleman black Labrador and enjoys walking with him.

    Achievements/Claim to fame

    When faced with this question, Lesley says “I am very proud to have represented my country at junior and senior level swimming in my teens and early 20’s”.  That’s a great achievement Lesley and it clearly runs in the family because Lesley’s Claim to Fame is that she’s Proud mother to a multiple capped, junior, senior and professional squash player.  What a result!



    My Favorite thing

    To this question, Lesley says “I think I would have to say my grandson as he has brought a new dimension to our lives. At 20 months old he is such a joy and extremely entertaining."

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