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        Luca Vitale Piazza

        Bsc (Hons) Political Sciences, Bsc (Hons) Physiotherapy, HCPC, MCSP.

        Luca speaks ENGLISH, ITALIAN, FRENCH and GREEK

        Luca Piazza

        Meet Luca Piazza. Luca has extensive experience in musculoskeletal and sports injuries. Luca believes that the time he invests in the assessment phase with his patients makes him stand out as a physio. Luca approaches the patient’s problem by looking at the big picture so he can understand the root cause of their pain.

        Luca’s treatments typically involve a broad-reaching approach and include such things as joint mobilisation, manipulation, soft tissue traction and muscle strengthening to relieve pain and restore balance in your body. Luca’s experience treating amateur and professional athletes means he’s able to give patients a quick and accurate solution to high-level sports-related issues as well as people suffering day-to-day problems.

        Luca successfully uses global postural re-education techniques combined with his knowledge of Tai Chi Chuan art and the principles of the Chinese medicine. 

        Career to date

        Luca completed an honours degree in Physiotherapy at the University of Trieste (Italy) in 2010. After completing his studies he worked in one of the most reputed private rehabilitation clinics in Trieste, as well as in the National Health Service. In his role in the clinic in Trieste, Luca had the opportunity to treat a wide range of patients and he became Chief Physiotherapist.

        At the same time as working in the clinic, Luca worked as a self-employed physio in two other private clinics. He was part of a multidisciplinary team of doctors specialing in urogenital and orthopaedic rehabilitation, in metabolic bone diseases and osteoporosis, in sports medicine and rheumatology.

        A huge sports fan in his own right, Luca has worked with lots of professional and amateur sports associations as a physiotherapist as well as an adviser to sports trainers. In his time he has treated football players, runners, tennis players, rugby players, canoeists, and people doing yoga, Pilates and karate; so pretty much every sport you can imagine.

        After his time in the NHS, Luca spent 4 years running his own private rehabilitation practice and then joined the Physio Centres in Edinburgh in January 2015.

        Why are you a Physiotherapist?

        Luca has been involved in martial arts since he was very young, which means he can understand most pain and injury and the impact they have on a patient’s life. He has been treated by many physiotherapists and the results he experienced persuaded him to join the world of physiotherapy.

        Life Outside Physiotherapist

        When it comes to life outside of the Clinic, Luca’s habits are seasonal and can be clearly divided into winter and summer. During the winter he loves doing Tai Chi, karate and snowboarding wherever he can find some snow! In summer, he loves the beach, the sea, surf, barbecues, concerts and a good Caipirina cocktail! All year long he adores Italian, Greek and Japanese food as well as good Italian wine and Scottish beer. But, above all, it's all about sharing these moments with special people!


        Luca’s list of achievements is nearly as long as the list of food that he likes. From playing the piano to karate, he’s been Italian Karate Champion; in the Italian Karate Team and of course he has his black belt. When he was a young lad in the Italian Navy, he won an award called “Mariponave”. This is awarded to students in the Naval Academy for their professionalism and military aptitude and of course our Luca won first place! Well done all round Luca.


        My Favorite thing

        When asked this question, Luca is quite clear…“I love eating. I love eating everything; sweet, bitter, spicy, salty, cooked, vegetarian; everything that can be put on a barbecue.

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