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    Nikola Cheyne

    BA (Hons) Dance, ITEC Anatomy, Physiology and Massage, Diploma from Academy of On-site Massage.


    Meet Nikola Kilduff. Nik has an honours degree in Dance, but a back injury left her unable to pursue a long-term career in performance. However, Nik’s passion for a physical life led her to study remedial and deep tissue massage and this was the start that led her to a career in professional healthcare.

    Career to Date

    In 1999 Nik began her massage training in London, where she built up a thriving seated acupressure massage service for corporate bods. Since moving north to Edinburgh, Nik has continued her professional development and is currently working towards gaining her BTEC in advanced clinical massage. Nik is also about to qualify in Medical Acupuncture and Kinesio Taping and early next year will take courses in Advanced Sports Stretching and Advanced Clinical Massage to treat hip and pelvis pain. Now that’s a busy life for a mum of two!

    Why therapy?

    Nik is constantly surprised and amazed by the human body and how it is capable of so much, yet has the ability to make us miserable through pain and injury. Nik’s joy is unraveling complex issues, moving clients out of pain and rehabilitating people through massage, stretching and exercise.

    Life outside the clinic?

    To this point Nik replies “but I have no other life...!” however, we know that she loves cycling, makes a point of going to the gym or Pilates classes and is about to rekindle her love of dance. Sounds pretty good to us.

    Achievements/claim to fame?

    Nik has danced with the Liverpool Philharmonic orchestra in a contemporary version of Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker Suite. She also worked at The Castle Climbing Centre in London where she managed to show off her climbing skills in a pop video. The pop group didn't make it, so the video remains largely un-viewed…but we’ve seen it all! And when Nik worked as a buyer in an antiques shop in Notting Hill, she sold a chair to Robbie Williams. Quite a hat-trick!

    Favourite thing?

    Massages and the odd glass of vino.

    Additional Training

    Diplomas from Jing Institute in Advanced Clinical Massage for treating pain: (jaw pain; low-back pain; neck and upper shoulder pain; wrist and arm pain; repetitive strain injury and shoulder pain). RSA certificate in teaching exercise to music

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