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    Sean Prescott

    MSc Physio, BSc (Hons) Physio, HCPC, MCSP.

    Sean Prescott

    Meet Sean Prescott. Sean is a physio and a Pilates teacher. Over the last 14 years he has worked in different hospital environments and in the community. Sean developed a special interest in developing physical activity programmes for health and wellbeing while completing a Masters degree in Physiotherapy. He now specialises in this area.

    Career to date

    Sean graduated from Queen Margaret University in 2000 and then took himself off to New Zealand to work in Auckland City Hospital, the largest public hospital in New Zealand. He worked there for 5 years. After his time in New Zealand, Sean spent four years working at a private hospital in London. In this post, Sean specialised in rehabilitation of neurological conditions and elective orthopaedic surgery. In 2009/2010 Sean completed a Masters degree in physical activity interventions for health, musculoskeletal practice, and research. With a real hunger for learning and personal development, Sean is currently in the process of completing a PhD exploring the effects of physical activity on arterial health, physical function and quality of life. Hats off to you Sean .

    Why are you a Physiotherapist?

    To this question, Sean has an amusing response; he explains that he’s a physio because he couldn’t become an astronaut! Fortunately, he considers physio a very close second. Sean sees being a physio as part of who he is; part of his make-up. Like all of his colleagues at the Physio Centres, he enjoys helping people achieve a sense of wellbeing and independence through physical activity.

    Life Outside Physiotherapy

    With all the study he does, it’s surprising that Sean has time for much else, but knowing him, it’s not all that surprising that he does! Sean lists his hobbies as: trail running, mountain biking, road cycling, SCUBA diving, skiing, snowboarding…and taking into account all his study, we assume he’s quite fond of reading and research too!


    Irrespective of his long list of study achievements, Sean is extremely proud of the fact that he completed a round of the mountain bike Enduro World Series. Bravo Sean, we’re everso proud of you!

    My Favorite thing

    In responding to this question, there is no hesitation whatsoever in Sean’s voice. “It’s simple” he says; “the beach!”

    Additional Training

    Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute. New Zealand College of Massage.

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