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    Stuart Mailer

    BSc Hons Physiotherapy, Pg Dip Sports Medicine, HND Sport Therapy, HCPC, MCSP


    Meet Stuart Mailer.  Stuart is highly experienced in treating all musculoskeletal ailments and has been working in the health industry since 1999. Whether working with people suffering from sporting injuries or rehabilitating after operations, Stuart has specialised in treating problems with the knee, foot and ankle and shoulder. He works between Edinburgh & London and has a close relationship with leading Orthopaedic consultants and Sports physicians, helping to accelerate patient recovery. 


    Career to date

    Stuart graduated in Sports Therapy in 1999 and through working with some of the UKs leading sports physios in Surrey and London became inspired to study Physio. He graduated in Physio in 2005, completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine in 2010 and is currently working toward his PhD.  Stuart’s reputation for excellence and professionalism has earned him excellent relationships with leading orthopedic consultants and physicians. Stuart is currently working together with these specialists to develop new protocols for pre and post operative rehabilitation and treatment.

    Stuart has always split his time between the private clinic and professional sport. He worked part time at Chelsea FC from 2008-12 as well as with leading GB, Australian and European Tennis players at tournaments including Wimbledon and The French Open. He still consults regularly for professional musicians, racing drivers and other athletes. 

    Stuart has written for many health and fitness magazines over the years such as Women’s Fitness and Men’s Running and has just contributed several chapters to the fitness book ‘Run Yourself Fit’, released in 2016. His goals are to bring the same level of care professional athletes obtain to his patients in private practice. 


    Why are you a Physiotherapist?

    To this question, Stuart promptly replies: “My real passion is to help people back to full health and I’ve a big interest in sport, human biomechanics and physiology. Being a physio offers me the perfect combination of helping people with their ailments at the same time as being involved in sport”.


    Life outside the clinic?

    You’d be forgiven for wondering how Stuart can have any time for anything but his work, but in his free time he likes to play piano and guitar, and enjoys football, tennis, motorsport and…reading physio stuff!


    Achievements/Claim to Fame?

    When asked this question, Stuart very kindly gave us both an achievement and a claim to fame.  Thank you Stuart!  Here they are…”One of my biggest achievements is definitely having the ability to change people’s lives through physio and rehab”.  When it comes to claim to fame, Stuart continues, “Physio has opened up so many amazing doors for me.  I’ve been lucky enough to be on world tours with bands and worked with a whole range of sportsmen and women thus met some wonderful people”.  Amazing

    Favourite thing?

    Stuart loves the simple things in life and likes nothing more than being in the sun and watching sport

    Additional Training

    A whole host of post grad courses including:

    Acupuncture, Rehabilitation Pilates (Polestar), Kinesio Taping,Instrument assisted Soft tissue technique, Myofascial Release, Discover Thorax/Sporting Pelvis (LJ Lee), Spinal Manipulation, ACL Rehab

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