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    Tracey Cameron

    Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Dry needling

    Tracey Cameron



    Hello, meet Tracey.  Tracey is a physiotherapist who specialises in musculoskeletal injuries. She has three and a half years’ experience working in private practice clinics throughout New Zealand. This experience involved working with clients suffering with a broad range of needs.  Tracey has had exposure to clients suffering from sporting injuries as well as those requiring neuromusculoskeletal rehabilitation including post stroke rehab, Parkinson disease, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injuries and transverse myelitis.  Add to this list, the clients she has treated who were suffering from cardiorespiratory complaints and those going through return to work programs, including ergonomic assessments and postural correction and you see, at a glance, the breadth of work that Tracey has carried out. This makes Tracey a great all-rounder.


    Career to date


    Tracey graduated from the University of Otago, Dunedin in 2012. Her first job was in a busy clinic in Whakatane. After 14 months in Whakatane she moved back home to Matamata where she worked for a few months; prior to heading off on three months’ voluntary work in the Philippines. Once home, she returned to work in Matamata for a year whilst she recovered from an illness she contracted in the Philippines. Prior to heading to the UK, an opportunity arose for Tracey to work in Whangamata so she did that for five months so she could polish up her surfing skills.  That sounds simply idyllic.


    Why are you a Physiotherapist/Therapist?


    When asked this question, Tracey has no hesitation in responding.  She says: “I have always loved helping others, giving massages and playing sport/being active. Put all those interests together alongside a curiosity of how our amazing bodies function and voilà!”  She then adds that physiotherapy continues to be a rewarding career choice for her.  We’re really glad Tracey!


    Life Outside Physiotherapist/Therapist


    When not in work Tracey plays hockey for a local club, she swims, dreams (nice one) and plans her future travel destinations as well as enjoying listening to music, serving at church, chilling with friends and cooking.  We think it’s safe to say that in Tracey’s life there’s rarely a dull moment.

    My Favorite thing

    Faced with this question, the response comes immediately “White water kayaking! Or any activity in or by moving water keeps me very happy”.

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