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Xabier Ariztegieta Murgiondo

MSc Sport & Exercise Physiotherapy (pending)

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy

HND Fitness, Health & Exercise

Diploma in Musculoskeletal Medicine

Swim Teacher Level 2

Strength & Conditioning

Xabier Ariztegieta Murgiondo

Hey, meet Xabi.  Xabi is a physiotherapist at The Physio Centres specialising in musculoskeletal and sport physio.  He has a keen interest in injury prevention and thanks to his ongoing MSc studies is able to apply the latest evidence-based practice to help patients get back to the activities they enjoy and lead a healthy lifestyle quickly and efficiently.

Career to date

Xabi graduated from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy.  After graduating he took up his first post working with the NHS as a rotational physiotherapist where he gained a wide range of experience across multiple specialties.  Thanks to his keen interest in sport physio he has also worked with a variety of sports teams, leading up to his current positions with Falkirk Football Club and the Scottish Institute of Sport.  These opportunities have given him the opportunity to work with élite athletes at events, including the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014.  Due to his enthusiasm for sports physiotherapy and learning, he is now undertaking a Masters in Sport and Exercise Physiotherapy at Cardiff University.  Well done Xabi!

Why are you a Physiotherapist/Therapist?

When asked this question, there is no hesitation from Xabi.  He replies, almost immediately, “I have always been motivated and excited by sport, exercise and wellbeing as well as helping other people, whether that be helping them compete in the Olympics or complete their first 5km run.  Because of all that, physiotherapy is the perfect career to combine my passions”.

Life Outside Physiotherapist/Therapist

Not surprisingly, Xabi loves to exercise and despite his busy work and education schedule, he still finds time to go to the gym, swim, run and cycle.  He loves travelling and languages as well, and believe it or not, is fluent in 3 different languages – Basque, Spanish and English.  And he always says “Yes!” to a good coffee!  

Achievements/Claim to fame With all the things that Xabi has achieved, it must be hard to make a choice, but when forced into a corner, he lists..working towards an MSc and being part of the Scottish National teams taking part in the Commonwealth Games!

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