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    • Cutting edge video analysis software 
    • 60 minute detailed assessment of YOUR running style
    • 3 x Follow up sessions to consolidate improvement and make you Run faster Perform better

    Whether you’re a recreational runner or have completed a number of marathons, our running package helps tune your body to be more efficient and reduce your chance of injury.

    We understand the frustration and disappointment you feel when you suffer pain, experience a one-off injury or endure a recurring problem. Unfortunately, this stuff’s pretty much par for any runner’s course, but we can help you now so you keep running in the long-term. Even if you’re lucky enough to be pain-free right now, it may be that you’re training for an event or simply want to improve your performance? Either way, we understand and you’re now in the right place.

    Luca Piazza are our specialist running physios. Using specialist video running analysis software they will do an in-depth assessment of both your body and style and then give you practical and simple steps to improve your performance (currently only available at our Edinburgh clinic).

    What we cover with you:

    • Video your running from 3 different views and discuss our findings with you on video playback
    • Highlight your current body alignment, foot position when landing and cadence
    • Work through practical steps to make instant changes to your running
    • Provide your new ‘Warm Up’ and how to do this correctly
    • Be guided through a progressive home/gym based strength programme that will compliment your running training
    • Advice on running loads and frequency building up towards your event
    • Get given a video file of your running technique (before and after)

    We believe in making a lasting positive change. To help make this happen, our running package includes:

    • 2 x Follow up appointments for re-assessment, running technique tweaks and  exercise progressions to ensure your new running technique has been consolidated.
    • A complimentary post event follow up session. 

    All inclusive package price - £125

    For more information on what is covered in the running please follow the link below: 

    Running package

    Initial assessment: 45-60 minutes

    • Running Questionnaire on arrival
    • Discuss your running history and goals for your next event.
    • Video running analysis –Take footage from 3 views.
    • Discuss initial video findings and highlight your ‘work ons’
    • Work on practical steps to improve running technique. These modifications are made while you run. This will be recorded and the footage of your new technique discussed you’re your physiotherapist.
    • Your running style explained (education: running mileage per week, stretching, conditioning, recovery time, cardiovascular fitness)
    • Free video file of running analysis and running with technique modification put in place   (before and after)
    • Discuss how to warm up and give appropriate exercises

    Follow Up session 1:  30 minutes (after 2 weeks)

    • Discuss what effect the changes have made to your running.
    • Reassess on treadmill with video analysis
    • Discuss the different kinds of running training (speed, hills etc) and how you implement these into your training.
    • Mention the appropriate footwear for the different types of training above. Advice on footwear best suited to the client.
    • Initiate a strengthening programme at an appropriate level – based on the video analysis.

     Follow up session 2: 30 minutes (2 weeks post Follow up session 1)

    • Reassess on treadmill with video
    • Modify running ‘cues’ as required
    • Analyse what affect the running technique modifications have made to your running performance.
    • Technique correction and review of their strengthening programme (maximum of 4-5 exercises). Include Plyometric exercises if appropriate

     Post marathon/event – Free 15 minute follow up

    • Advice on recovery, return to running and goals for your next event 

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