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    No matter whether you are involved in music for pleasure or you’re a professional, we understand the frustration and disappointment you feel when you suffer pain, experience a one-off injury or endure a recurring problem. Unfortunately, this stuff’s pretty much par for any musician’s course, but we can help you to keep playing for the long-term. It may be that you suffer aches or pains while you’re practicing or playing? Or you might need advice on improving your posture or to prevent recurring injuries? Perhaps you’re preparing for an upcoming concert or exam or have never got to the bottom of a previous injury? Or, even if you’re lucky enough to be pain-free right now, it may be that you simply want to improve your performance? Either way, we understand and you’re now in the right place.

    Great reasons to choose us

    1. We have therapists with experience in treating musicians. We'll assess you with your instrument to get to the true cause of your problem.
    2. Having treated professional musicians from touring musicals or dance shows over numberous years, we have great experience of treating musicians.
    3. We will give you exercises to keep your technique on top form whilst you are being treated, to keep your magic.

    Typical injuries we treat for musicians

    Here’s an idea of some of the conditions we treat:

    • Repetitive Strain Injury
    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    • Stiff neck
    • Shoulder pain
    • Lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow)
    • Low back pain
    • Pinched nerve
    • Tight muscles around the neck causing voice disturbance

    The key to finding the right solution

    If you’re on the lookout for a professional who will give you a thorough physical check-up and provide the right treatment that gets to the root of your problem (particularly important with recurring injuries) or if you want guidance and help to prevent injury, we’re here to help.

    We’ll work with you to improve your physical performance and reduce your risk of injury by developing a better understanding of how you play, where problems might arise and what you can do to protect yourself from injury.

    We do this by:

    • Diagnosing your musical injury through a thorough assessment
    • Treating your pain at source
    • Screening for the prevention of future injuries
    • Analysing your posture (with your instrument)
    • Providing advice on performance-related, specific rehabilitation and exercises

    Working with us

    You can read all about the personal journeys our therapists took below. In a nutshell, our dedicated therapists are experienced in the treatment of musician’s injuries and rehabilitation after injury using very specific techniques. They have experience in treating musicians through the Festivals and other touring musicals which come to town, and share a longstanding and strong personal interest in the art.

    In short, we really “get” musicians and their needs and motivations and love to treat complex problems suffered by musicians who have recurring injuries in particular. We take a truly global view of every musician we treat, giving you the best possible chances of achieving your personal best.

    The way we treat you

    We’ll accurately assess your posture and movement to help pinpoint the stresses they might be putting on your body. We will assess your body overall to provide an accurate diagnosis and then we’ll combine physio with mobilisations, dry needling, taping and exercises - whatever it takes to relieve your pain. We’ll also share tactics with you that you can use to develop a new, real and workable style to boost your performance and reduce the risk of time away from your passion.

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