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    • Cutting edge video analysis software 
    • 60 minute detailed assessment of YOUR running style

    Whether you’re a recreational runner or have completed a number of marathons, our running assesment helps tune your body to be more efficient and reduce your chance of injury.

    We understand the frustration and disappointment you feel when you suffer pain, experience a one-off injury or endure a recurring problem. Unfortunately, this stuff’s pretty much par for any runner’s course, but we can help you now so you keep running in the long-term. Even if you’re lucky enough to be pain-free right now, it may be that you’re training for an event or simply want to improve your performance? Either way, we understand and you’re now in the right place.

    Morag Lunnone of our experienced musculoskeletal Physios with a Sports Science background, will undertake your running assessment. Using specialist video running analysis software, she will perform an in-depth assessment of your body and running style.This will allow her to give you practical and simple steps to improve your performance.

    What is included:

    • Video your running style from 2 different views and discuss the findings with you through video playback
    • Highlight your foot and body position when landing (impact phase)
    • Assess your running cadence (running tempo or steps per minute) 
    • Work through practical steps to make instant changes to your running
    • Be guided through a progressive home/gym based strength programme that will compliment your running training
    • Advice on running loads and frequency building up towards your event
    • Get given a video file of your running technique 

    We believe in making a lasting positive change to keep you running efficiently and effectively.

    All inclusive package price - £71

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