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    Functional Movement Screening

    An assessment of your movements at the core of daily activity

    If you’re suffering from pain or discomfort when performing a sporting activity or in daily life; if you’re subject to repetitive injuries; if you want to prevent injury or you’re planning a return to activity after a break, our Functional Movement Screening is ideal for you. FMS is an assessment tool that looks at functional movement to check for dysfunction and asymmetries in the body that could lead to problems, Functional Movement Screening is a powerful way of preventing injury as well as improving performance and gets to the very root of any recurring problems.

    Great reasons to choose our functional movement screening

    1. Our therapists 'get' your problem, because they are highly skilled, qualified professionals who listen to your issues before identifying the best solution for you.
    2. We have therapists who have backgrounds in functional movement and biomechanics who use this technique, day in day out.
    3. Our therapists work as part of a team and use Functional Movement Screening to identify areas that need attention and will then recommend the best possible treatments.

    Typical conditions we treat

    Here’s an idea of some of the situations where we’re most commonly asked to provide Functional Movement Screening:

    • In our Rugby, Football, Dancers and Performers and Golf Clinics
    • Post fracture

    The key to finding the right solution

    If you’re on the lookout for a scientific way of assessing your movement that’s backed up with a human approach to explaining the results, at the Physio Centres, we can help.

    We’ll work with you to assess the 7 movements that are components of your daily tasks. These 7 movements will be scored out of 21 and this scoring can be used to identify potential areas of weakness or to help determine a programme of performance improvement. Functional Movement Screening also plays an important role pre-activity or after a break, and helps our therapists to pinpoint the very best solution for your unique situation.

    Work with a functional movement screening specialist

    You can read all about the personal journeys our therapists took to becoming functional movement screening specialists below. In a nutshell, our dedicated therapists are fully qualified and highly skilled in functional movement screening. They have the determination to understand your problem together with the experience and qualifications to find the right solution for your needs from their broad skills range. They will work with you to find a solution that’s tailored to your specific needs, no matter whether that’s sport or daily activity related.

    In short, we really “get” people who are serious about their physical wellbeing and who want to perform better, to prevent injury or to prepare themselves for a return to activity after a break. Functional movement screening is an excellent way to get a clear and scientific picture of how your body is working on either a one-off or ongoing basis.

    The way we treat you

    Functional movement screening involves you performing 7 movements that are then scored out of 21. These movements are carried out in sportswear and barefoot. Once your results are achieved, they are then explained to the patient. These results will provide the reasoning and rationale behind the treatment plan that the therapist will develop to correct any movement dysfunction and improve your performance.

    A highly effective way to identify areas of weakness or areas that might be prone to injury, functional movement screening is the ideal way to get right to the root cause of your problem. 

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