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    Joint Manipulation

    The ideal treatment to relieve pain, reduce stiffness and a whole lot more…

    If you’re suffering from stiff joints, joint pain or are feeling generally ‘tight’ and in the need of ‘loosening’, then our joint manipulation might well be the answer you’re looking for. A hands-on physiotherapy treatment, it involves applying pressure through the joint alongside advanced joint movements that often give the sensation of a ‘click’. A great way to relieve pain, reduce joint stiffness and improve posture, joint manipulation also facilitates an increased range of movement, function and body efficiency in sports people and for every day life.

    Great reasons to choose our joint manipulation

    1. Our therapists 'get' your problem, because they are highly skilled professionals who listen to your issues before identifying the best solution for you.
    2. We have therapists who are qualified in spinal manipulation and deal with complex joint manipulation problems, day in day out.
    3. Our therapists use joint manipulation in conjunction with massage and other physiotherapy techniques to speed recovery and enhance results.

    Typical conditions we treat

    Here’s an idea of some of the conditions we’re most commonly asked to treat (with links on each to an underlying page which will come later):

    • Stiff or tight joints
    • Acute wry neck
    • Muscle spasm
    • Stiff joints/capsular restriction

    The key to finding the right solution

    If you’re on the lookout for a professional who will give you a thorough physical check-up and provide the right treatment that gets to the root of your problem, at the Physio Centres, we’re here to help.

    We’ll work with you to understand the pains and strains you’re facing and we will establish the best possible treatment to get you back to being pain and stress-free as quickly and effectively as possible. It may be that joint manipulation alone is a sufficient solution, or it may be that you need some massage or other physio treatment to get you where you need to be. Either way, our therapists will find the right solution for your unique needs.

    Work with a joint manipulation specialist

    You can read all about the personal journeys our therapists took to becoming joint manipulation specialists below. In a nutshell, our dedicated therapists are trained and specialised in the provision of joint manipulation. They have years of experience in treating and using spinal and other joint manipulation and are highly skilled with specific manipulation training.

    In short, they really “get” people who suffer pain and stress and will work with you to provide you with the relief you need to get on with your life again while minimising, or completely removing the need for medication and painkillers.

    The way we treat you

    We’ll accurately assess your pain or strain before agreeing which treatment would work best for you. In the case of joint manipulation, it is a hands-on physiotherapy treatment that activates mechanoreceptors within the joint capsule. This type of treatment is particularly effective for patients who have responded well to soft tissue massage or mobilisations in the past, but for whom this sort of approach is no longer sufficient.

    The pressure applied through joints during joint manipulation alters nerve patterns within the surrounding muscles causing a relaxation effect. Involving advanced, end of range mobilisations (joint movements), joint manipulation may also involve high speed thrust movements that are often described as feeling like a ‘click’. This treatment is a highly effective and efficient way of achieving pain relief, restoring movement and improving function. 

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