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    Common Causes & Symptoms

    This is head pain which originates from irritation of the Trigeminal (Migraine) nerve which supplies the face and head. The cause of a true migraine is different to the cause of tension and stress headaches which originate from the neck and facial areas. A migraine is usually preceded by an aura or sensation to let you know it's on its way. This aura may include visual problems, sweating, tingling and there are many other versions.

    Symptoms can include

    • Recurrent, acute, chronic head-pain - sometimes felt on one temple, the forehead, around the eye and/or the back of the head 
    • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, facial pallor, cold hands, cold feet, sensitivity to light and sound
    • Attacks may last between 4 and 72 hours

    Pre-Physio Treatment

    It is easier to treat Migraines to prevent recurrences when you have your pain under control so see your GP for advice.

    How we can help

    Physiotherapy to your head and neck will often reduce the frequency of your migraines. This may be because there is an element of the tension/stress type of headache which sparks off the migraine, and responds extremely well to manual Physio treatment. Come and see us so we can treat your neck, facial joints and muscles; they may be the culprits sparking off your migraine.

    Deep Tissue Massage reduces head pain by loosening out Trigger Points in your upper back and neck muscles - this may in turn take the pressure off your joints and nerves. Done regularly, massage prevents your muscles tightening and helps you keep control of your problem.

    Dental NTI Splints

    These discrete mouth splints, worn at night, were developed in America and as they are so new in the UK, only a handful of Dentists around the country are qualified to prescribe them. Studies have shown that the NTI splint decreases stress in the jaw and can reduce migraine pain attacks by up to 75 per cent in 75 per cent of its users. Furthermore it is the only dental appliance for this condition which has passed the rigorous testing of the Food and Drugs Agency (FDA) in the United States and has been approved for prevention of medically diagnosed migraine pain. We work with dentists who are specialist in the prescription of these splints to reduce the pain of migraine.  


    If you have a history of Migraines or Tension Headaches, check-ups with your Physio should be at least once every 6 months and usually more often if you have a desk bound computing job or have suffered repeated bouts of neck pain. If your joints and muscles are tight, you are likely to experience more head pain.

    Products and Companies we recommend

    A good pillow and mattress will support your back and neck and allow you to fully relax at night. A lower back pillow, or Lumbar Roll will support your back whilst you sit, particularly useful for your office chair or car seat, and helps you to reduce the strain in your neck by supporting you in an upright sitting position. Good equipment reduces the stresses on your body and will help to keep you pain free. 

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