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    TMJ & Jaw Pain

    Drug Free Relief for temperomandibular joint (TMJ) & Jaw Pain…

    A new approach to treatment.

    Migraines, headaches, TMJ and jaw pain have long been treated using drugs, aimed at settling symptoms produced by the Trigeminal ‘Migraine’ nerve. But proven, new and effective treatments which can reduce or eliminate the onset and severity of head and face pain are finally here.

    Jaw pain, Headaches and Migraines often occur together as the same nerve supplies your jaw and head. Research shows that around 48% of Migraines are reported to begin in the mornings, mainly from the effects of grinding and clenching your teeth at night combined with muscle spasm and pain at rest in the muscles of your face, neck and shoulders.

    People suffering from Migraines & Jaw Pain have several habits and physical characteristics in common which irritate the Jaw & Migraine nerve:

    • Grinding and clenching your teeth at night
    • Stiffness, tightness & pain in the muscles of your face, neck and upper shoulders
    • Problems with the joints in your neck
    • Poor posture, habits and Ergonomics

    The Dual Approach

    No one treatment is effective alone- a combination approach addressing the habit of grinding and the condition of your muscles and joints is the most effective approach. Treatment usually consists of using newly developed NTI dental splints combined with therapy from our Physiotherapists who have training in specialist techniques to reduce the tone and tension in the muscles which trap and irritate the Migraine and Jaw nerves.

    Dental NTI Splints

    These discrete mouth splints, worn at night, were developed in America and are relatively new in the UK such that only a handful of dentists prescribe them. Studies have shown that the NTI splint decreases stress in the jaw and can reduce migraine pain attacks by up to 75 per cent in 75 per cent of its users. Furthermore it is the only appliance that has passed the rigorous testing of the Food and Drugs Agency (FDA) in the United States and has been approved for prevention of medically diagnosed migraine pain.


    We assess the muscles and joints in the face, neck and upper back which can irritate the Migraine and Jaw nerve. We then treat these with specific manual therapy techniques to relieve the compression stresses they place on the structures and nerves supplying the head. You will also be given exercises, stretches, and releases to your muscles to improve your posture. These techniques should only be carried out by Physiotherapists with specialist knowledge of Migraines and Jaw Pain.

    Because these problems can come from a variety of sources, a combined approach using manual therapy and a dental splint is usually the best option to not only manage pain, but keep it away.

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