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        Lunchtime Blitz Pilates

        Our Lunchtime Blitz Classes are small classes with a maximum of 8 participants.

        Our Lunchtime Blitz classes are 45 minutes long (rather than an hour) and are perfect for those wishing to work out on their lunch break. They are great for helping you improve your posture and building muscle strength.

        In these small classes there is a maximum of 8 participants, working on Pilates exercises which will strengthen your core and tone your muscles.

        Free 30 min Pilates assessment (worth £30) with first block booking of all Pilates classes.

        Before you start classes, we ask all of our participants to come in for a one on one introductory session with one of our physiotherapists. This session is designed to determine your level of fitness and introduce you to Pilates terms and techniques to prepare you for your classes.



        Wednesday 12:15-13:00
        Thursday 12:15-13:00
        Friday 12:15-13:00



           There are currently no Lunchtime Blitz classes in Edinburgh. We are revamping our studio and will offer a new timetable for 2017.


        £90 for 10 classes

        Maximum 8 participants per class.

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