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Tone and Shape Pilates

Our Tone and Shape classes have a maximum of 8 participants.

Tone and Shape classes will strengthen your core and help tone your body to the shape you are looking for. They are fantastic for training both mind and body. These classes run for an hour and we have a selection of times available throughout the week in Glasgow, including evenings and weekends.

Free 30 min Pilates assessment (worth £30) with first block booking of all Pilates classes.

Before you start classes, we ask all of our participants to come in for a one on one introductory session with one of our physiotherapists. If you have an injury, this session will determine appropriate exercises for your specific condition/injury. This session is designed to determine your level of fitness, and introduce you to Pilates terms and techniques to prepare you for your classes.

These classes are ideal for Pilates beginners and those intermediate in the discipline.



Monday 11:30-12:30 12:30-13:30 17:00-18:00 18:00-19:00
Tuesday 17:30-18:30      
Wednesday 16:30-17:30 18:30-19:30    
Thursday 18:30-19:30       
Saturday 9:30-10:30  10:30-11:30     



We have launched a new Tone & Shape class on Tuesdays between 7pm - 8pm. 

Location - Anytime Fitness, 1 Tanfield, Inverleith Row, Edinburgh

Please contact our Edinburgh Reception to book in - 0131 556 1116.


£110 for 10 classes

Maximum 8 participants per class.

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