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    Pilates for beginners

    These classes are the perfect introduction to Pilates for anyone who’s new to it. Working with our instructors, you’ll quickly develop the skills you need to progress as well as gaining a real taste for Pilates. In these classes you’ll really start to see results from your efforts. With beginners we concentrate on improving spinal flexibility, Pilates breathing and core stability, all of which will help restore your natural fitness levels. These classes are perfect for anyone who has been recommended Pilates as a way to aid recovery or those seeking new depth and understanding to build on previous Pilates experience they may have had.

    Classes are run by a highly qualified body control instructor with extensive teaching exeprience. 


    Wednesday Night

    Level 1 18:35 - 19:35

    Maximum of 8 per class

    £96 for 8 week block

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