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    Getting Started with Yoga

    If you’re thinking of starting Yoga, it’s entirely normal that you may be apprehensive. No matter whether you’re in great physical shape or you want to use Yoga to help you become pain or stress-free, you’re right to plan your start.

    The golden rules for Yoga are to start slowly and be guided by what your body tells you. At the Physio Centres we take time to understand your physical capabilities and work with you to take care of yourself. What’s more, because we work with physiotherapists, we understand all about injury and injury prevention, which helps us establish how far you can safely go. All of that said, it’s crucial to listen to your body to get the best benefits from every Yoga session. With the right approach, even after your first session you can expect to leave with a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

    If you’ve never done Yoga before and are unsure about whether Yoga is for you, it’s a great idea to come along to a One-to-One Session before you sign up for a block of classes. 

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