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    One-to-One Yoga

    If you have a specific injury or condition private sessions with Belinda is a good way to start your healing Yoga journey.

    It does not matter whether you’'ve done Yoga before. All can benefit from private sessions. If you’'re a beginner you will gain a good basic understanding of Yoga and postural alignment. If you’'re more experienced you can safely learn more advanced postures, breathing techniques and meditation if you like. If the focus is on a targeted area of injury you will benefit from learning to modify certain poses to allow healing.

    Initially she will assess you and identify your target needs which she will then focus on for a suggested period. When you feel you have achieved your goals through private sessions, and feel strong enough, you might want  to move on to the beginners Yoga class and then in time on to the more advanced Yoga class.

    Belinda is an experienced Yoga teacher who offers a professional, personalised service tailored to your individual needs, focussing on your specific target areas, alignment and performance. This will ultimately help you to deepen your understanding and experience of Yoga.


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