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Patient Testimonials

“For me, the key to great treatment is about identifying the root problems, then using a range of treatments to address all the joints and muscles involved. Not only do the physios fix you quickly, they work together with the deep tissue massage therapists to really keep the problem away. The Edinburgh Physio Centre employs great people, with lots of experience who really want to get you better.”
Richard O’Connor

“I just wanted to say thank you for the treatment I received at Edinburgh Physio Centre. Not only was the treatment highly effective, but your staff were patient, responsive and attentive. I would be delighted to highly recommend your services to anyone.”
Magnus Bray

“I have attended the Edinburgh Physio centre for two separate problems, once with a whiplash injury to my neck and once with a sports injury to my thigh. On both occasions I have been delighted with the treatment I received in the centre, as well as the exercises and advice I was given to carry out at home. I would highly recommend the practice to anyone requiring physiotherapy.”
Stephanie Webster

“With only 9 working days left until my retirement, I was anxious I would be unable to enjoy the activities I had planned. Fortunately my back pain has now gone completely. I am back to my gardening and thoroughly enjoying my new found spare time. I just wanted to say a big thank you for fixing me. The Physiotherapist I saw was very patient with all my questions and put my mind at rest. The care I received was fantastic. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Edinburgh Physio Centre.”
Brian Baldwin

“I had a problem with my shoulder for 3 years, one day it just seized up and I had very limited movement with pain and tension ever since. I consulted lots of different people over time, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, many different Physiotherapists, acupuncturists etc but no one could get it moving to any acceptable level, it was very frustrating! I was referred to The Physio Centre for Deep Tissue massage almost a year ago, now this massage is not of the relaxing variety, it can be very painful but to this day it’s the only thing that has really helped me. I now have a much better range of movement and the day that we managed to raise my arm above my head was a real break through. With regular stretches and sessions at the centre, I’ve been able to maintain that movement! My therapist makes the process easier, enjoyable even and I continue to see him for sessions every 6 weeks or so to keep on top of the problem. It has not disappeared but it doesn’t stop me from doing anything now and I am truly grateful.”
Shona Jack

“I was referred for Deep Tissue Massage after physio treatment, and recommended to receive regular maintenance deep tissue massages to prevent the recurrence of any problems in the back area. I’ve found the massages to be brilliant for loosening up my back, and I can really feel the improvement after each treatment session. If I don’t go regularly I can feel my back and shoulders stiffening up again very quickly! I would highly recommend maintenance massage, as each treatment is tailored to my needs at the time, meaning the right parts get the right type of attention.”
Jennie Findlay

“Since beginning my treatment with the clinic I’ve seen a great improvement in my shoulders and back. The additional lifestyle advice has been very beneficial in adding to my wellbeing. The service and knowledgeable friendly staff set Edinburgh Physio Centre apart from the rest.”
Kenneth Finlay

“I suffered from regular headaches and was taking medication almost on a daily basis I hadn’t heard of Bowen before, so knew nothing about it but I felt that if it helped my headaches then it was worth a try. I had 3 treatments and found them deeply relaxing. Since I have had Bowen therapy, my headaches have disappeared and I have now been headache free for 18 months. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bowen Therapy as an alternative treatment, it certainly worked for me.”
Karen Forrest, Standard Life

“I suffered from back pain after years of working out at the gym. It disturbed my sleep and I took medication on a regular basis, I tried lots of different treatments all of which helped but the symptoms always seemed to return. My girlfriend suggested I try the Bowen Technique ? I was slightly sceptical after the first treatment as it is so gentle. However after 3 treatments I was amazed at the difference and unlike other treatments the symptoms haven’t returned.”
Graham Paterson, Iron Mountain

“Dear All at The Edinburgh Physio Centre. Just a quick thank you for looking after the Cast and Crew of Chitty, during our run at the Edinburgh Playhouse. We were most grateful to be treated with such professionalism, efficiency and friendliness. As Company Manager, I also appreciated your regular feedback/progress calls and being able to provide us appointments at short notice and working within our busy schedules. Once again a big thank you from the whole company and I am looking forward to working with you in the future, should we return to Edinburgh.”
Dave McNeilly, Company Manager, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, UK Limited



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